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High wall corner in Dursley, Gloucestershire

This job was chiefly about securing the corner which was cracking badly and falling away. It was also ugly, incorporating many bricks, so not innkeeping with the decor. I used lime mortar (NHL3.5) in this repair of a wall which is 2.8 metres high and 30 metres long (the focus of this phase of repair was the full height but just the first 5 metres of length close to the corner). The neighbours garden was at a much higher level (this side the wall was little more than a metre tall) it also had the appearance of being dry stone and I maintained this look in the rebuild.

A timeline of the build:

Dursley lime wall - work in progress

work in progress, digging ut the damaged and cracked wall sections

Dursley lime wall - towards the top

bottom section is now repaired

The before photograph of a wall end that badly needed a repair - repair used lime mortar in Dursley

This is the wall as I found it

Lime used for wall repair in Dursley

This is the completed wall from the client’s side

After (on neighbours side - dry stone)

The finished wall at the neighbours side