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To begin this process, please call me on 07896-236115, email on duncan@princeofwalls.com or complete the form below.

Accurate quoting for the building or repair of a dry stone wall is difficult without seeing the site because factors such as; space around the wall for laying out stone, ease of access to the site, location of the wall, vegetation and ground condition can vary the cost to build enormously.

I would be happy to visit the site of your wall to assess all relevant factors and then provide an estimated price for your consideration.

My price will normally be for carrying out the entire job and primarily for labour-only but I can provide utility-model pricing e.g. per metre, or per day and if required I can advise on any new stone purchases in regard to quantity, quality, colour, type, skips for rubble, etc.

Please note that on occasion my work takes me into areas where I have no reception. In these cases please leave a message and I will return your call when I return to civilisation!